Joe Manchin Is Blocking Your Stimulus Check

Senator Joe Manchin is standing in the way of the next round of stimulus checks going out. He is breaking President Biden's promise and working with the Republicans who don't even seem to want to send you the checks AT ALL.

Here's how you can fight back:

1. Ask Chuck Schumer why he is letting Joe Manchin block the checks from going out.

2. Call Joe Manchin's office and tell him that he needs to stop blocking the checks.

3. Donate to support our fight to get the full $2,000 stimulus checks we were promised.

Use the button below to ask Chuck Schumer why he is letting Joe Manchin block the checks from going out. More and more people are using that button to ask Senator Schumer why the checks haven't gone out yet.

The clock is ticking and people are hurting without those checks. We need to get this done. President Biden promised that if Democrats won the Senate, that those checks would "go out the door immediately." It's been this long since Chuck Schumer was sworn in as the Senate Majority Leader:

    So now we all need to ask:

    Why is Senator Schumer letting Joe Manchin block our stimulus checks from getting sent out? The checks were supposed to be sent out 13 days ago. Where are our $2,000 stimulus checks?

    Use the button below to tweet at Senator Schumer and ask him where are our checks are.

    Now you should call Joe Manchin's office. Be nice but firm and ask him to support President Biden and help him keep his promise.

    It doesn't do any good to yell. Staffers just tally up what people are calling about. If enough people call, then he will know that he has to support the stimulus checks or face political consequences.

    To call his office directly, just tap the buttons below. Calling his office is the best and quickest way for you to get those checks sent out. (Don't be afraid to leave a message).

    Here's an easy script for you for when you call:

    Hi! My name is [your name]. I am calling in support of President Biden's promise to send us $2,000 stimulus checks. I want everybody, not just some people, to receive the full $2,000 check he offered in Georgia during the campaign. Everybody needs as much help as they can get right now. I hope you will stop trying to target those checks and support any legislation that gets those checks out as soon as possible. Have a great day!

    We Won't Take One Step Back.

    We won't let anyone get in the way of the Democrats delivering those checks. Not Mitch McConnell, not Joe Manchin, not anybody can stop us if we work together. Can you donate today so we can start running advertisements in West Virigina?

    When he was campaigning for the Georgia Senate runoff elections, President Biden offered voters a deal:

    If Democrats took the Senate, the Biden administration would send out stimulus checks worth $2,000.

    But President Biden can't send out them by himself. He needs Congress to pass a bill authorizing the money. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has indicated that she would be able to deliver on President Biden's promise but ...


    He is standing in the way of the checks in the Senate. He is breaking President Biden's promise and working with the Republicans who don't even seem to want to send you the checks AT ALL.

    President Biden made us a promise on the campaign trail in Georgia.

    Here's exactly what he said:

    If you send Jon [Ossoff] and the Reverend [Warnock] to Washington those two-thousand-dollar checks will go out the door, restoring hope and decency and honor for so many people who are struggling right now. And if you send Senators Perdue and Loeffler back to Washington, those checks will never get there. It's just that simple. The power is literally in your hands.

    The Warnock campaign was even more direct:

    The people of Georgia took that deal, and the two Democratic senators won in a stunning upset on January 6th. Political commentators agreed that their victory was based on voter's belief that the $2,000 checks would go out.

    On January 10th, President Biden doubled down on the need for $2,000 stimulus checks. Democrats were with him. Voters were with him. The debate was over, and $2,000 checks had won.

    But Joe Manchin doesn't think you are worth the checks. He's trying to target the checks so that they don't go to everybody who needs one. Everybody needs as much help as they can get right now and trying to target those checks just wastes time and risks people not getting the check they need.

    Voters and volunteers in Georgia are already horrified at the idea that they won't get the full $2,000 they were promised. They braved the pandemic to turn Georgia blue, every one of them with the promise of those badly needed checks in their minds.

    But Joe Manchin doesn't seem to care about any of that or the people of West Virginia either. West Virginians search the most on Google for when the second stimulus checks are coming out. We can't let Joe Manchin get away with pretending he speaks for the people of West Virginia when it comes to the stimulus checks.

    Trump might be gone, but the anger that fueled his rise is not. If we can't keep the promises we make to voters, another authoritarian like Trump will get swept into power. Trump's campaign slogan in 2020 was "Promises Made, Promises Kept." He almost won a second term.

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